About Us

About Business Debt Counsel

We are a network of qualified attorneys dedicated to freeing your business from the chokehold of debt. Many small businesses needlessly file for bankruptcy when their debt load could have been restructured and reduced.

Let one of our experts give you a free consultation and start a new path for managing your business debt.

Why Choose Us

Business Debt Counsel is the team you want on your side. Here is why:

Qualified attorneys

Having an attorney on your side gives you a significant advantage during the process

Rights Protected

All financial communication will be handled by your own attorney.

Take Control

Working with one of our members will help you get your finances on track and ensure it stays there


Our team members are always standing by and ready to help and assist with any question you may have.

Financial freedom starts here!

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Our Services

Our dynamic network of fully qualified attorneys is always on standby to assist with:

Business debt consolidation

Struggling to keep up with multiple deadlines for multiple lenders? We will take away the mess and reduce it to only one predictable payment per month


We will negotiate with your lenders and get you favorable monthly minimum payments, lower interest rates which will in turn help you clear the debt sooner

Financial planning

We will help you regain control over the financial future of your business by devising a sustainable plan. They say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Debt analysis

As complex as your situation may seem, we will help you make sense of everything and reduce the likelihood of nasty surprises.